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What you should know about Fair Housing

Federal law prohibits discrimination in the sale or rental of housing against anyone   because of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Handicap, or Familial Status.

The Federal law which makes housing discrimination illegal is called the Fair Housing Law.  This law requires people to be treated equally with no differences in terms or conditions of sale, purchase, lease or rental and with no denial of equal housing opportunity.

Maryland State law also prohibits housing discrimination, under the same groups or classes as the Federal law prohibits.
Maryland law prohibits these discrimination practices:
  • Refusal to sell, rent or lease 
  • Discriminatory advertising 
  • Discriminatory financing 
  • Discriminatory terms, conditions, requirements 
  • Discriminatory restrictions in deeds or leases 
  • Steering:  attempts to steer persons into or away from a neighborhood for discriminatory reasons. 
  • Refusal to permit reasonable modifications at the expense of the handicapped person. 
Maryland real estate brokers and agents can lose their licenses if they are found to use discriminatory practices.

If you feel you have been discriminated against, you may want to contact an agency which investigates housing discrimination complaints.  The Maryland Human Relations Commission will investigate and take appropriate action on housing discrimination complaints made within one year of the time the discrimination took place.

You can request a form to make a complaint by calling the Human Relations Commission at 1-800-637-6247.

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